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Do you know I own a headband design company?  When my daughter was 3, she was playing soccer and it drove me crazy that she would stand in the middle of the field and readjust her headband because it kept sliding back due to her baby fine hair.  The problem I had with headbands was threefold — they either dig in behind my ears (ouch!), or if they go all the way around, they slide off my super fine hair or get too tight halfway through the day and give me a raging headache.  I wanted to find a way to solve these issues and let my daughter and I still get the headband style without the problems.  That’s when Slip-not designs was born.

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My headbands have a fabric on the inside that acts like velcro on your hair, so they stay put and don’t slide all day long.  The issue of headaches is alleviated because mine are adjustable!  Not only does it give people the ability to loosen it up, but for little girls, it will grow with them.

So try them out!  You can check me out on Facebook.  I have gobs of pictures in my albums so you can get a taste of my product line.  Also, you can buy from my Etsy store.  I don’t keep a huge amount of stock listed, so if you see something you like on Facebook, message me and I can list it on Etsy for you to purchase.

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