I am a huge fan of Starbucks, but as a homeschooling, blogging, stay at home mom, the Starbucks budget is slimmer than I’d like.  So I recreated one of their yummy fall treats at home – The Carmel Apple Spice.

They actually use apple juice, but I prefer the flavor with cider.  Here’s what you need…


You can buy the syrup right at Starbucks.  It’s $10 and it comes with the pump they use for it in the store.  Combine 12 oz. warm apple cider in a mug with 1T (or about 2 pumps) of Starbucks cinnamon dolce syrup.  In the store, they put 3 pumps in 12oz of apple juice, so that would be 1 1/2T, but for me that’s a bit too sweet.  Top it with whipped cream and drizzle with carmel and prepare to amaze all your friends!

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