My mom made the sweetest button snake for my son.  The thing that makes me sad is that some toys are outgrown more quickly than others.  This was one that did not seem interesting to him after he had done it a few times.  But I figured that maybe, because he was a preschooler now, I just needed to make it new and more age appropriate.  So I found a dice and we began taking turns.  One of us would roll the dice, count the dots, and choose that many squares to put on.  Sometime we chose any old color, sometimes they all had to be the same color.  It was super simple, but hearing “Mommy this is fun!” is so fulfilling that I’m vowing to look at all his too little toys in a new light.  So do you have a button snake that’s been taking a back seat?  Give it some new life with a  dice!

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