Even though my kids are homeschooled, we use a curriculum called Classical Conversations, where we go to “school” one day a week during the school year.  When I began, I loved the ability for my children to be in a classroom with other children, be under the authority of an adult other than me, give a weekly presentation, do weekly science experiments and have lunch with their friends in a lunch room.  It was so fun to take them to “school” each week but still have the joy of being home with them the other four days!  I’ve grown to love so much more about the classical method of education over the last 5 years.  But one of the things I still love the most is the opportunity to give fun gifts to their classmates and teachers!


I try to always give something that is

1. affordable

2. super cute packaging

3. something I would love to get


This year, I found these adorable mason jars in the Target dollar section in a pack of 2 for $3.  They also had these awesome lids for $1 each.  This one fits a straw in the center.  The one underneath it is a frog lid that helps you to use the jar as a vase.  I know I’ve seen similar lids at Joanns in a package of 4 or 6.  Those ones are flat and work with a metal ring on top and would work well too.


I tied the lids on with some baker’s twine that I’ve used over and over and over again!  It’s shown up at my niece’s baby shower, Valentine’s day, Christmas wrapping…  It’s so worth the money!  I found my big roll on Amazon and it was under $10 for 2,300 feet!  (By the way, I’m not getting paid by Target, Joanns or Amazon.  I just know people will ask where I got the items, so I’m heading that question off)  I think all the teachers loved the gift, so I thought I’d share the idea.  Happy last days of school!


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    1. Actually, I got them about a month ago 🙁 I did see that they have regular mason jars in turquoise in the kitchen section. I think they are in a 6 pack of pint jars.

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