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I got home from being out of town and found an exploding zucchini plant!  I want to incorporate more veggies into breakfast, so I thought that zucchini fritters would be a perfect addition to our table.  I have to say I was really nervous to taste them.  My kids were too!  But the result was thumbs up all around.  Success! So I thought I’d share the recipe.

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Start by grating 1/2 of a large zucchini or one small zucchini.  Put the grated zucchini in a clean kitchen towel and wring it out so all the liquid is gone.  In a mixing bowl add the dry zucchini, 2 eggs, a handful of parmesan cheese, a handful of breadcrumbs, salt and pepper.  I wanted to keep this low carb, so I buzzed up 1 1/2 low carb pitas in the Vitamix and added that instead of regular breadcrumbs.

Summer Zucchini Fritters 2 - www.allthelittlereasons.comSummer Zucchini Fritters 3 - www.allthelittlereasons.comHeat up a cast iron skillet and add butter and a little olive oil.  Drop by spoonful and then flatten them out.  Cook until golden on bottom and flip.  Then finish cooking.  It’s really that simple!

Summer Zucchini Fritters 4 - www.allthelittlereasons.comSummer Zucchini Fritters 5 - www.allthelittlereasons.comUnfortunately, I wasn’t successful enough at removing all the liquid from my zucchini, so I had some extra liquid in my mix.  If that happens, just pull the mixture to one side to try to separate it out.

Summer Zucchini Fritters 6 - www.allthelittlereasons.comAnd that’s it!  I served mine alongside scrambled eggs with cheese.  Next time I think I’ll dice up some scallions or grate in onion.  I think that would be an amazing addition.  I’ve also seen recipes with feta or ricotta.  I may try that and see how it goes!  I think this is a super easy way to use up that garden produce!

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