IMG_0745I’m a headband designer and love to solve the problems of headband headaches, and the age old issue of those suckers sliding off my super fine hair!   I wrote in a previous post about my classic line of headbands.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce you to my non-slip elastic line.  They are super skinny and I forget I even have them on because they’re so comfy!  While they stretch all the way around, they are still adjustable.  So they will grow with your girls, loosen up to prevent headaches, and best of all, be shared between mother and daughter!  In addition to that, most of the flowers I make are detachable, so you can use one headband in each color (khaki, black, white, hot pink, light pink, red) and just change out the flowers for tons of different looks.

dimple alexa P1000168

I began making them as a way to have a headband for babies.  But as I got working with them, I loved them for adults and kids alike.  Depending on the flower you use, you have a completely different look.  One of my friend uses her black one and attaches a vintage clip on earring instead of a flower and it is so classy.  I have another client who is in her 50s and every year she buys 5 or 6 and wears them everyday to work plain.  She said they are amazingly comfortable and keep her hair out of her face.  I love to hear feedback like that!  So what are you waiting for?  Check out my Facebook fan page or my Etsy store!  If you don’t see what you’d like listed, just message me and I would be happy to list one just for you!

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