IMG_2858Well, I finished my first chalk paint project, so I feel ready to tackle the kitchen!  Our cabinets are pretty dated, but still solid.  We felt like painting might make a huge bang for the buck.

If I’m being honest here, I have a really hard time waiting and often jump the gun on things.  Impulsively, I didn’t want to actually clean my kitchen and take a before picture.  I just started taking doors off cabinets while my sink was still full of dishes and the countertops were not so picture perfect.  Soooo….this picture is a couple years old.  But besides the new dishwasher, everything looks pretty much the same!


And after I took all the doors off, emptied every stinkin thing into my dining room and finally did the dishes, this is what it looked like, ready to wash down and paint.


I will update you soon with after pictures and all the fun things I learned along the way!

2 Replies to “Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Cupboards”

  1. My husband and I are thinking of doing the same thing to our kitchen cupboards. I would love to read a follow up of how it turned out & any tips you might have.

    1. I can’t wait to get my follow up posted! Actually, I didn’t finish the cupboards that weekend because we ran into some pretty crazy snags! I’ll let you know all of the craziness when I update in a week or so. We are on the final stages of waxing and buffing as we speak. So keep your eyes open for the update!!

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