I love my herb garden.  All summer long, I go out and snip off fresh herbs to add to our summer dishes.  But then fall rolls around and I know that the outdoor herb fest has come to an end.  So in order to make the most of what I’ve grown, and to use those yummy ingredients all winter long, here’s what I do.


Cut the herbs at the base and keep them in a nice bunch



Tie the top with a pretty ribbon. Or, as I’ve learned recently, those rubberbands the kids are mad about and use to make bracelets work amazingly well! Tie it off and hang dry for a couple weeks.  Voila.  Dried herbs that you grew yourself!  And, I think they taste so much better than the old stuff from the store!


I have these displayed on a wooden plate in the middle of my dining room table right now.  Gorgeous and useful!

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