DSC_0552The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping.  When that happens, I like nothing more than my cozy chair and a hot drink.  So today, when the afternoon slump hit, I remembered a tea I had that was absolutely amazing.  My friend was hosting a tea party for her daughter, and the mommies got to share in the festivities.  She had a pot on the stove of the most delicious tea I’ve ever tasted.  I just had to recreate it!  So over the phone, she directed me and I’m passing the goodness on to you.

Cardamom Spiced Tea Latte

3 1/2 c. milk

1 1/2 T. loose tea

1 t. cardamom seeds (or 5-6 pods)

2-3 T.  sugar

(My friend doesn’t measure at all when she makes this.  But when I made it today, these amounts were delicious and just what I remembered drinking at her house!)



Add the milk, loose tea, cardamom, and sugar to the pot.  I used raw sugar, which gave it a nice rich flavor, but anything would work – regular sugar, maple syrup, stevia.  I got my cardamom seeds at the Indian store by my house.  I’ve heard they are pretty pricey in the regular grocery store.

Keep the heat on low, because you don’t want to boil your milk.  Get it nice and warm, and let it steep for about 5 minutes.  Taste it so you can adjust the amount of sugar, and make sure it’s strong enough for your tastes.  Pour it into a mug with a strainer over it.  One of those handheld little screen strainers would work great too.  I just happened to have this one on hand.  Also, don’t try to pour from the pot.  It’s a total mess!  It works much better to use a ladle.

I know this isn’t the mug in the other pictures.  It didn’t photograph well, so I ladled some into one of the amazing ones my brother-in-law makes.  He’s a potter in Michigan, with a degree in ceramics from Spring Arbor University.  So if you love that mug as much as I do, check him out online here.


And there you have it!  Cardamom spiced tea latte.  My friend who introduced this delicious concoction to me got the recipe from her friend who is originally from India.  So it must be authentic, right?!  If you wanted to, I bet some cinnamon and ginger and maybe even a bit of vanilla would be a delicious addition.  Let me know if you try it!DSC_0544


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  1. Joelle, f you don’t have cardamom seeds or pods, what amount of ground would you think? I know it won’t taste quite the same, but it WOULD be on the way until I can find the seeds!

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