I went a little overboard on beets this year.  I planted a ton and was in a CSA to boot!  So there I sat with three pans full of beets to roast and not a clue how to use that many at once.  Of course a quick search on Pinterest showed me that they freeze beautifully.  So, freeze it is!  I began by scrubbing them all really well and popping them in a single layer in a pan.  I separated them by size.  I had one pan with super large ones, a medium sized pan and a little pan.  That way I can take them out at different times as they were finished cooking.  I added 1/4-1/2c. water and covered with aluminum foil.  Pop them into the oven at 400 degrees for 45min to an hour.  My little ones were perfect at 45 min, and medium ones at an hour.  I think the largest ones could have cooked a bit more than an hour.  But they were really huge! I think normal beets stick to the 45-hour range.



After they cooled, I cut them into cubes (like the size I would put on a salad),


bagged them into quart zip top bags, sucked out the air through a straw, and froze them flat on a sheet pan.  Voila.  Perfect beets for those mid winter salads!DSC_0669DSC_0672

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