IMG_2612I had a friend over and she was helping me rearrange my bedroom with things I already owned…the best kind of redecorating, and the best kind of friend!  I told her in passing that I needed to ditch this mirror.  She promptly told me that I just needed to paint it and I would love it.  You know what?  I do!

I thought this project would be a perfect way to break into the Annie Sloan chalk paint world.  I was going to give the mirror away, so if I ruin it, no biggie!

I purchased a mustardy yellow called Arles and the clear wax.  I decided to wait on the brushes and extras until I found out if I really loved this stuff!  My first coat of chalk paint definitely was light on coverage.  I was expecting that.  From all the blogs I’ve read, they always say the first coat looks a 5th grader painted it.  My second coat had more coverage.  But it’s still not the look you’d want if you were going for that sleek painted furniture you’d buy at Home Goods.  That’s the thing about chalk paint, though.  You will never get that look from it!  That’s something I didn’t know coming into it.  Here’s the second coat on a couple different areas.


I let it dry again and then distressed it.  I was super excited to see that it was finally looking like I was hoping it would!



Now on to the waxing.  I did one coat and just wiped it on with a clean white Annie Sloan cloth and wiped it off with an old white t shirt.  It made it the most amazing kind of low sheen finish.  It was the look I was really hoping for on this piece.  Aged, distressed, antique-ish.  As I mentioned earlier, this is the classic Annie Sloan look.  If you’re expecting a perfect finish without brush strokes, that won’t happen.  Even when you add water and use a roller, it gives you a bumpy finish.  Here’s some pics up close of the finish after it’s all done.


So what do you think?  Does it inspire you to jump on the chalk paint bandwagon too?  It’s so fun to revitalize old pieces and give them some new love!


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