Our family loves the Seeds family worship CDs.  The basic premise is to put scripture to music that is actually enjoyable for the whole family.  It’s not kiddie music!  It’s catchy stuff that even my hubby and I love.  They have Seeds of Praise, Seeds of Purpose, Seeds of Courage, Seeds of Faith and more.

I just found out that they are offering a free CD download from now until Thanksgiving!  It’s a great way to wet your appetite for this amazing music.  What better way to push out the crap that the world tries to feed us, than to fill our hearts and our lips with the Word of God!

Get your free CD here!

seeds of praise

Here’s how:
Click the link below, select “Buy Now”, name your price as $0, and then download to your preferred media player.

Join our mission to get God’s Word to families by being a Seed Planter yourself. Feel free to share the link with your family and as many friends as you want.

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