In a previous post, I talked about the verbal cues I give my CC students to help them remember what Latin conjugation list goes with what tense.  Another way I introduce and review this information is to have them write it out on a chart.  Part of the reason is because I know not all students learn best verbally, so having them write it out each week will benefit those children.  But perhaps the most important reason is I do this is that Latin is not a spoken language.  As they move into Challenge, they will need these conjugation charts memorized in order to help them when they begin to really work with Latin.  It’s not super helpful if they think future perfect tense, singular first person is “arrow”.  They need to know that although it sounds like that, it’s actually written “ero”.  It’s helpful to have practice writing it correctly, as well as looking at it written while they sing the song.

My friend put together this amazing chart and I use it at home with my kids daily, as well as in the classroom.  I printed both charts and laminated them.  Then each day I have my kids write out that week’s list with wet erase marker while they look at the completed chart.  It’s not a test.  It is just copywork.

DSC_1212 DSC_1208

Occasionally I will also have them write out all the lists for cumulative review.  I use it the same way in the classroom.  When I introduce the new grammar, I have them write out just that week’s information.  If I use them during review, I can have my students write all the weeks, or I can just have them look at the list as they sing through each of the songs, so they can connect what the endings look like with the sounds they sing.

Here’s the chart she created.  I hope it’s helpful!

Latin Conjugation chart

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