chickencornchowder-5It’s 9 degrees today.  Without the wind chill.  Brrrrrr!  I knew we needed chicken corn chowder.  It’s an old standby in our home, one of those meals that doesn’t take a ton of time to put together, everybody eats it without complaining, and the leftovers are amazing.  What more could you want?  So I whipped up a batch and thought I’d share this deliciousness with you!

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Some of the depth of flavor comes from using bacon grease to sautee the chicken and veggies.  I know it seems wrong, but it’s SO right!  Start by tossing in your bacon grease, chicken, onions and red pepper and cooking it until they are done.  Add the garlic and cook another minute or so.


Add a quart of chicken stock and the potatoes, then bring to a boil.  Let it cook until potatoes are tender – about 20 minutes.


Add frozen corn – mine is from our CSA and was preserved from their summer sweet corn.  I normally just use normal frozen corn.  But when you have this amazing stuff in your house, use it instead!!  Next, add a mixture of 1/2c. flour and 2c. milk whisked together.  It will be really thick.  Make sure you get all the lumps out and get it really smooth.  Pour it into the soup and bring to a boil.  Cook for 15 minutes to get out the raw flour taste.



At this point you can pull it off the heat and add the cheese.  It only takes a minute to melt.  I’ve curdled this too many times, so I’m speaking from experience when I say DO NOT boil it or it will not look great.  It still tastes good, but I like it to look good, too!  Season with salt and pepper and serve!  My kids throw frozen corn in theirs to cool it instead of an ice cube so it doesn’t get thinned out.  Isn’t that brilliant?!


As a side note, whenever I freeze soup, I put it into a gallon zip top freezer bag and freeze it flat on a cookie sheet.  They defrost super quickly this way and don’t take up that much room in the freezer!


So there it is.  Family favorite of ours…hopefully it will be for yours too!


*disclaimer.  It’s winter and I was losing my light really fast!  So I photographed it before I had brought it back to a boil and added the cheese.  It will actually be the color of the frozen one when it’s done.

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