These asian pork tacos are a family favorite around here.  I saw the original recipe on The Biggest Loser and have drastically changed it to meet what my family likes and what we usually have around the house.  So here’s my version of the most delicious asian pork tacos ever!

Brown 1lb. of ground pork or chicken.  Add 1/2 head of cabbage, finely sliced and one large onion finely diced.  Normally, I have always used broccoli slaw at this part.  Unfortunately, my store was out of it, so I substituted cabbage.  I absolutely love both versions, so you choose what you like best!



Microplane 2 cloves of garlic,


Then comes fresh ginger.  I guess on the amount.  Rachel Ray has changed my life when it comes to this ingredient!  She recommended peeling it with a spoon right after you buy it.  Then pop it into the freezer in a container and pull it out as you need it, microplaning it in.  Amazing!  No stringy things, just this!


  Grate in 2 carrots and sauté until it’s cooked down.  I also throw the diced water chestnuts in.


At this point, I add in about 2t. of sesame oil, just for the flavor.



Now for the sauce!  I use 1/3-1/2 of a jar of this hoisin sauce, 2t. soy sauce, 1T. sugar, a squirt of siracha and salt to taste.



Done!  Wrap it up in boston lettuce leaf and you’re ready to eat.  As a disclaimer, my kids really struggle with this meal when I use a floppy lettuce, like I did today.  I actually think I will use romaine like I do with lettuce tacos, because it’s more firm and they can keep it together easier.

This is actually pretty fast to make once everything is diced up. If you cooked the pork ahead of time and diced everything, I bet you could get it on the table in 15 minutes.  Or it’s great reheated, so you could cook it in advance and just heat it before you serve it.  See, it’s possible to have quick, healthy meals with a bit of planning!


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