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I didn’t like banana pudding.  Most times I had tried it, there was this overwhelming fake banana flavor that I just hated.  It reminded me of those banana flavored witches’ brooms that we got in our trick or treating bags as a kid.  So gross.  I was hosting Life Group at our home and one of the couples brought my least favorite dessert to share.  Blech.  But, I grew up in a home where I had to taste everything, even if I didn’t like it.  So I did and I was shocked!  It was delicious!  I got the recipe that night and I’ve been making it ever since, to rave reviews.  So here’s my recipe for the best banana pudding you’ve ever eaten!

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Start by making a large package of vanilla instant pudding according to the package instructions.  I actually always forget to get a big one and end up using 2 smalls.  On the package it says to use two cups of milk.  So I do two packages of vanilla instant pudding with 4 cups of milk.  Whip it up and put it in the fridge for about 10 minutes to set up.  Add 1 package of cream cheese and whip it up again, along with 1t. vanilla.  I tend to still have lumps in mine, even though I beat it well.  Tastes great, though.  Maybe if I would remember to soften the cream cheese?  Let me know if you find a way to eliminate lumps!  
Banana Pudding 2 www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.comOK, my advice is to VERY SLOWLY raise the level on your mixer.  This is what happens when you’re super impatient like me!

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So don’t do that!  Next, fold in an 8oz container of Cool Whip and this is what you will have…a light, fluffy, creamy vanilla mixture.

Banana Pudding 4 www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.comThen crush up 12oz of vanilla wafer cookies.  I do mine in the Vitamix so sometimes they are more crushed than other times!

Banana Pudding www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.comAnd then start layering!  At home I just do it in a bowl, but this time it was to take to someone’s house for dinner, so I used a trifle bowl.  Start with pudding, then bananas, then cookies.  I layer mine about 3 times and use 4-6 bananas.

Banana Pudding 5 www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.comBanana Pudding 6 www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.comBanana Pudding 8 www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.comBanana Pudding 7 www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.comThis is my kids’ favorite part and they love to help.  You can top it with more Cool Whip if you desire.  So there you have it!  No fake banana flavor.  Just deliciousness in a bowl.  But please wait to make this until you’re bringing it somewhere to share.  It’s way too tempting to keep in your fridge and steal by the spoonful throughout the day and I can’t be responsible for you having to buy all new jeans!

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  1. I totally agree with the fakey banana flavor comment. I rarely, if ever, choose anything banana-y for that very reason. This, on the other hand, looks delicious!

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