Are you ever in need of stocking stuffers, or an inexpensive game to give as a family gift?  I try to keep a few games in my purse and car so that when we’re in a restaurant or waiting room, we have something that we can play to keep our minds busy and our hands occupied.  When your bag is stocked with goodies like these, it’s much easier to say no to electronics and yes to interacting with real, live people!  Here’s a few of our top picks.


I went away with my girlfriends a couple years ago and we had a ball playing Spot It!  It’s one of those games that you can play a quick round in 5-10 minutes.  Since it’s based on matching pictures, even my four year old can play it!  I love that they give you different versions of the game to play, so you can keep changing it up and it doesn’t get old.  Since it’s small, portable and quick, it fits the bill! 


Pass the Pigs is another game that you can play quickly and stop at any time.  My brother in law got this for us and we love it!  We play it with our adult friends, too, and it’s a hit.  Since you’re adding points quickly, it helps the kids work on mental math.  Plus you need to decide when to stop so you don’t lose all your points, which encourages them to weigh their decision and see if a gamble always pays off.


Left Center Right was recommended by a friend and was our first restaurant game.  It’s purse sized and the game can stop at any time which makes it one of our top choices for dining out.


Lastly, we love Story Cubes.  My sister in law got this for my kids one year and it has been so much fun!  You roll the dice and take turns telling stories based on the pictures.  We have had some crazy stories, and I love to see their imaginations at work!

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