I used to work at an Irish Pub and really learned to love corned beef.  I have some family favorites that we use for St. Patrick’s Day.  While I have shared them separately on the blog previously, I thought I’d put them together for an easy St. Patty’s Day post.  Enjoy!

This is the basis of both of the following recipes.  It’s for a perfect corned beef.  You’ll find the recipe here.

Corned Beef www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.com

I love reuben sandwiches, so I normally pop some on rye bread with swiss and sauerkraut

Ruben www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.com Rubens Cooking www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.com

My kids, on the other hand, love this delicious wrap that I learned how to make in my waitressing days.  You can find the recipe here.  


And for all the salad lovers, I have a treat for you, too!  I adore this reuben salad.  It’s much healthier, so eat up!  The recipe can be found here.  


Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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