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They say necessity is the mother of invention.  That is so true!  Four years ago, when my daughter was playing soccer, she could not keep those 4 year old baby flyaways out of her eyes.  If I gave her a headband to wear, it slid out of her baby fine hair or it was too tight behind her ears.  Slip-not Designs was born out of the desire for my daughter to stop touching her hair in the middle of the soccer field!  Since then I have grown my business, mostly through word of mouth.  People love the product, so they tell others about it!
Slip-not Headbands 2

It’s so fun to come up with new styles for the seasons and fill clients’ requests by finding the perfect design for them!

Slip-not Headbands 4

So here’s a peek at my product line.  I hope you’ll come check them out and see if you will join the women and little girls who have tried a Slip-not and found that they really do not slip!  And since they are adjustable, you won’t be getting a headband headache either!  I try to keep this photo album loaded with the headbands I currently have in stock and ready to ship.  But I’m happy to make whatever you see in my photo albums that strikes your fancy!Slip-not Headbands

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