As I wrote in a previous post, Slip-not headbands began as a way for my daughter and I to wear headbands that don’t slide off our fine hair or give us headaches.  I began selling them to others that had the same issues.  Recently, larger groups of people have been discovering my product!

One of my clients is always telling her friends about my headbands, so she took some of my stock to her dance studio.  The dancers and their moms fell in love with a headband that will keep their hair off their face in the midst of a strenuous dance class.IMG_0202

I work with a local all-girls school whose mascot is the alligator.  They loved the idea of selling alligator Slip-nots that match their school uniforms.  So, they keep these stocked in their spirit shop.


I have a friend who is a roller derby girl and can’t be bothered with hair in her face while she’s jamming, so she rocks these ones out!


A dance team from a local high school needed a headband that would stay in place while they were not the field and Slip-nots were their choice.  Who could blame them?
IMG_7361What group or team do you know that could benefit from keeping their hands off their hair and keeping their mind on the game?  Check out more products on my Facebook fan page or my Etsy store.  If you don’t see what you’d like listed on my shop, just message me and I’ll put it up for you.

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