Sauteed Green

This isn’t revolutionary and it really isn’t even a recipe.  But up until this year, I’ve pretty much only eaten fresh green beans steamed.  I have to say that squeak really creeps me out!  But it’s fine.  Add some butter and salt and it’s an acceptable vegetable addition.  But this year I wanted to change things up….especially since I have an exorbitant amount of beans coming in!  I planted two green bean tepees this year.  5 poles with 5 plants around each pole.  So I have 50 bean plants!  I want to eat a ton and share a lot and preserve a lot.  I think I’m on track for all of that!

Sauteed Green Beans -1 Sauteed Green Beans

So back to this non-recipe.  Start with cleaned, cut beans.  Throw a couple peeled cloves of garlic in a cast iron skillet with olive oil.  Bring the oil to temp and add beans and salt.  Toss them around until they brown up a little, then add a bit of water (a few tablespoons — I eyeball it) and immediately put the lid on.  Let steam for about 3 minutes until the beans are tender.  Toss them around until you reach the desired brownness.  And that’s it!  You will never go back to simple steamed beans again!

Sauteed Green Sauteed Green

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