I went to IHOP once and got these things they call a cinnastack.  It was sinful.  They should have called it a sin-a-stack.  This week IHOP was offering a free small stack if you made a donation to their cause.  I tried to go with the kids but there was barely standing room in the lobby because the line was so long!  We left and I promised to make the kids IHOP style pancakes this morning.  Here’s what I came up with!


First I made Grandma Ware’s pancakes.  Today I used flax milk with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice in lieu of buttermilk.  I also ground the spelt in my vitamix so I could feel like they were a little bit healthy under all that sugar and butter!  While those were cooking, I mixed up the cinnamon sugar butter.  It was just butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, pinch of salt and vanilla, mashed it up with a fork until it’s combined.  Spread a bit of this on each pancake.


Then I made the drizzle on top and based it loosely on my cream cheese frosting recipe.  Butter, cream cheese, milk, powdered sugar, vanilla, pinch of salt whisked together.  I ended up adding a bit more milk to mine because the drizzle was less drizzle and more clumpy.  See?



It tasted great, though!  Anyway, I added a little more milk and got it to be more like this.  If you want it even fancier for company, you could put it into a zip top bag, cut off the corner and drizzle it on really pretty.



So that’s it! If you want a deliciously sinful breakfast treat, this may be the one you need!

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