I’ve been seeing this grilled cheese on Pinterest that is sort of like a Caprese salad on bread.  With fresh tomatoes and basil coming to an end in my garden, I thought this would be a perfect late summer dinner.  I started out with a bunch of ciabatta rolls.  Really you can use any type of yummy bread.  I have to say that after I photographed these and ate them, I realized that it would have been better to butter the flat side and put the curved side on the inside of the sandwich.  Not as pretty but more buttered, browned goodness!  Anyway, butter the outsides of your bread, and to the insides, add fresh sliced tomato, basil leaves and fresh mozerella.  It probably goes without saying that fresh local basil and tomatoes really make this sandwich sing.  Visit your local farmer’s market – you’ll never regret it!


OK, here’s a tip and please don’t forget it like I did.  Before you put the top piece of buttered bread on, salt the inside!!!  I bit into this perfectly delightful looking sandwich and it just sort of tasted blah.  All I had to do was add just a bit of himalayan sea salt and I got the taste I was hoping for.  I will never forget that step again!

Back to instructions…brown the first side of the sammy and flip it.  At this point in time, I always throw a really big lid over the top to trap the heat and melt the cheese.  When the second side is browned, enjoy!


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