Ever since I was a child people would remark, “you get excited easily” or “it doesn’t take much to make you happy”.  I can’t say they always meant it positively.  Sometimes they said it in sort of a condescending, snide way as if that joyful attitude was irritating.  As I got older, I saw that people would get excited over huge things, but those little reasons for happiness went by the wayside in the hustle and bustle of life.

I remember my grandma saying “Take joy in the little things in life, because the big things don’t come along very often!”  As I learn how to be content in all situations, I have really taken my grandma’s advice to heart.  I don’t want to feel happiness only when we’re going on a big family vacation or buying a new house or entering summer vacation.  Life is not a string of monotony, broken up by occasional drops of sunshine.  It’s more like finding peace and joy in everyday life…and occasionally there’s a mountaintop experience that is just spectacular!  But it’s not what we live for.  If we open our eyes and see what God is doing in our lives each day, we can find all the little reasons to be excited and happy and joyful.

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*Photo taken by Amy Peterson Photography, Clarkston Michigan

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