On Father’s Day, I wanted to take the perfect picture of my husband and our 3 perfect children.  That should have been my first clue that things would not turn out the way I anticipated, because I’ve never met 3 perfect children!  So we trooped out back and began taking shots.  While my big kids were cooperative, my littlest would not smile.  So I began asking, then threatening, then raising my voice…you know the drill.  “Let’s just get this done so we can move on and enjoy the day!”  My hubby, meanwhile, thought it was a good idea to tickle him to bring the giggles out.  Better idea!  While he was tickling, I thought I’d grab a couple shots.  Wouldn’t you know that those pictures were the best ones.  I was thinking afterward that I tend to view life a little like that. Let’s get through this homeschool curriculum so we can enjoy the rest of the day, let’s clean this up so we can go have fun, and the list goes on and on.  But this day, I was reminded that the joy isn’t necessarily in the destination.  It’s in the journey.

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