You know those things Carmel Corn - www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.comyou have loved since childhood that just stick with you–the meals you grew up having, or the treats your mom made?  I love to carry those things on to my kids and have them share those warm, cozy memories!  This sweet treat is one of them.  We always called it carmel corn growing up, but as an adult, I see it more as a rice krispie treat meets carmel corn.  It gets eaten immediately, so it’s gooey and warm and marshmallowy.  But it has that yummy carmel taste.

First, pop some corn.  You can make two bags of microwave popcorn or you can pop it in a pot like I do.  I love to use coconut oil to pop mine, especially for a sweet popcorn.  You need about 8 cups popped, although I do not measure mine. I just wing it and it always turns out delicious.  After it’s popped, put it in a very large bowl.  I like the salty/sweet combo, so I always salt mine at this point.  Just a word of wisdom…when you are pouring it into the large bowl, try to take out any kernels.  I am not responsible for your crown cracking when you accidentally bite into a mouthful of carmel corn that still has one of those pesky guys in it!


Now in a pot, warm

-10 large marshmallows or 100 mini marshmallows

-1 stick butter

-3/4c. brown sugar

Don’t let it heat too much or the sugar makes weird crunchy crystals.  Just warm it up and melt the marshmallows.

IMG_3081Carmel Corn

Once you have that all melty, use one hand to stir the popcorn and the other to slowly drizzle the carmel over it.  I normally enlist my hubby’s help because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and can’t stand popcorn that’s unevenly coated!  I know you’re going to want to dig in right away, but have you ever burned yourself on a toasted marshmallow at a campfire?  Yeah, it stinks.  That’s what this is like if you try to eat it immediately.  So let it sit for a minute, get into some jammies, turn on your favorite movie, and THEN dig in!

Carmel Corn

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